Road Rage Custom Builds is a vehicle customization and remodeling company started in 2009 by Gabriel D Zuzarte. It is located in Mira Road East, Mumbai. Road Rage Custom Builds has collaborated with the best fabricators and workmen from all over Mumbai. Hence, Client location has never been a challenge.

We started with modifying motorcycles to look like classic American Choppers built especially for the Indian road. Now, the company has expanded into the automotive industry with amazing designs for Body Kits, wheels, vehicle interiors and travel vans (RV). Road Rage Custom Builds claim to fame is the fact that we can make anything possible. From fitting a Jacuzzi into the back of a RV to creating ultimate storage space in a Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV).

Road Rage Custom Builds prides itself on its collection of vehicle accessories and its very own clothing line. All aimed at the serious bike rider and car enthusiast. We also have a facility to maintain a range of cars with our in house mechanics.

Our customer service process as described on our website is specially created keeping our customer needs in mind. We are proud of the fact that our customer relationship is lifelong.

Gabriel D Zuzarte has 6 years of experience in automobile customization and design. And with a recently acquired diploma in design he plans to take Road Rage Custom Builds to grand heights. However, his unique qualification stems from his early childhood, where he would watch his father George Zuzarte build and repair beautiful vehicles, when they were settled in the Middle East. From that young age Gabriel has had a keen eye for design and a sharp ear for engines.

Gabriel pursued his passion for style and engines while working for a renowned BPO in Mumbai. He is very appreciative of this organization that helped him realize and achieve his dream of a custom shop. Client and Colleagues have described Gabriel as Passionate, hardworking, enthusiastic, intelligent, aware, creative, warm , fun and customer focused.

Gabriel believes that a bike or car is an extension of its owner. And he wants to help people bring their personalities to life in their vehicles.

Our Mission:
Road Rage Custom Builds aspires to make exceptionally designed vehicles with quality products through competence, confidence, high standards of excellence and customer focus.

Our Values:
Customer Focus – We at Road Rage Custom Builds pay special care to incorporate all our customer needs and requirements in the design and service.

Quality – We work with only the best certified products to ensure reliability of our design and our customer safety

Trust – We aim always to have a high standard of excellence and quality so that our customer will always have confidence in us and our products.